Project Wedding: Talia {Edmonton Wedding Consultant}

As always, my brilliant ‘Project Wedding’ team had a fabulous and successful shoot last week! It has been an absolute pleasure working with these talented women: Jill CoursenLindsay CollinsonDominique Rivera, and Jennifer Rivera-Preston. Together, we have had an incredible time with successful planning and collaborating - it has been a truly enjoyable experience. At the beginning of my collaboration with Jill Coursen, we expected to do a few shoots together; however, because we have enjoyed working together so much as well as with our team, we have decided to continue on our collaboration with ‘Project Wedding.’ Please visit regularly to see what we have to share! 

Our last model and ex-bride for ‘Project Wedding: Brides’ was Talia whom I am proud to call my friend. Talia is stunning and I am so happy that she agreed to be one of our models! She and her husband celebrated their one year wedding anniversary yesterday - congratulations! 

As a bride-to-be, Talia experienced Kleinfeld and bought her breathtaking dress at the shop from ‘Say Yes to the Dress!’ How cool is that?! Read on to hear about her wedding dress shopping experience! 


What was your favourite thing about planning your wedding?
Everything! I loved deciding on the flowers. I loved picking out all of the details for my reception: from candles to vases, to tablecloths and napkins - I loved it! Of course, I LOVED flying to New York City to pick out my wedding dress from Kleinfeld 


Looking back, what is your favourite thing about your wedding day?
Oh my goodness!!! Everything - I loved EVERYTHING! However, if I had to narrow it down, it would have to be my ceremony. It was absolutely beautiful! I had the Ukrainian Men’s Choir sing and they sounded heavenly. I cherished every single part of my ceremony because it was truly the most important part of the day. I love being Ukrainian and being able to experience traditions that have been with this culture for centuries; getting our hands tied with the rushnick and walking around the tetropod three times and being crowned King and Queen of our own family. My ceremony truly went above and beyond all of my expectations. 


What is your favourite thing about being married?
Where do I begin?! My favourite thing IS my husband! Every day is a wonderful dream - I never expected life to be so magnificent.


Tell us about your wedding dress shopping experience… how did you know it was the one?
My wedding dress shopping was indeed a unique experience! I started looking here in Edmonton and in Sherwood Park but I couldn’t find anything I really liked. 

My sister lives in Manhattan so my mother and I thought it would be fun to ‘just look’ at some of the wedding shops there. I made a few appointments with some of the little fine boutiques and of course an appointment with the infamous Kleinfeld! The little boutiques had beautiful, unique dresses that I have never seen before due to the fact that certain designers will only design for a particular store; however, they were very much out of my price point. I could not rationalize paying $8,000 for a dress that I would only wear for 12 hours. 

When we went to Kleinfeld, it was a truly magical experience. They treat everyone like a princess, no matter what your budget is. When I went dress shopping at home, I found it to be very overwhelming which was the opposite to my visit to Kleinfeld. They sit you in a room and talk to you one on one about your ‘big day.’ Then, they ask you what you like and don’t like and of course, how much you want to spend. After you go through all of the details, your assistant leaves and returns with a few different types of dresses (within your budget) that you can try on. 

My dress was the third or fourth dress that she had pulled out. I LOVED it!!! The colour was unique (oyster with rhinestones and delicate beading) and it had a long train. It was very different to anything else that I had tried on and that’s how I knew that it was ‘the one!’

Did your husband see your dress before your wedding?
NO! I didn’t want him to see it and he had no interest in seeing it before we got married. 


After not having a wedding planner, why would you recommend that couples hire one? We’ve chatted about this since your wedding. For example, in the past you’ve mentioned the benefit if not for the entire planning process to hire a coordinator for the day so as to ensure that everything is perfect and no one else has to do anything. I recall you saying that a wedding planner would think of things on your wedding day that you wouldn’t think about because you’re too busy!
Exactly what you just said! I didn’t need help planning the wedding; however, I DID need someone besides my relatives to do miscellaneous jobs. Looking back on it, I really wish that I had someone for the week prior and the day of - I’m not just saying that either! 


Do you have any tips for current brides?
Relax - it’s only one day! As I look back on my perfect and wonderful wedding a year later, it was a really good time in my life; however, I know that the best is yet to come. 


Project Wedding’ team: 
Project Coordinator: Rebecca Fisher-Swarbrooke of High Culture: Weddings & Special Events
Photographer: Jill Coursen of Jill Coursen Photography
Makeup Artist: Dominique Rivera of Rivera Make-up Artistry
Hair Stylist: Jennifer Rivera-Preston of Rivera Make-Up Artistry
Second Shooter: Lindsay Collinson of Parker Rae Photography

As always, there’s much more to come from ‘Project Wedding.’  

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