The Greatest Compliment {Edmonton Wedding Consultant}

The greatest compliment of all is a referral. If you are happy with the services that you receive, there is no greater thank you than a confident referral and for that I am truly grateful. 

Consulting with clients is always a lot of fun! This service is tailored very specifically to a client’s particular requests. Sometimes, clients don’t necessarily require assistance with the entire planning process so instead, the client will choose to consult. The consultation(s) is/are based on specific details or aspects of the client’s wedding or event with which they need some guidance in order to ensure that the best decisions are made.

This service is available at any point in the planning process and includes but is not limited to discussions about the following: 
. budget preparation & assessment
. timeline development (for the planning process, the month leading to the event, or the day of the event)
. theme creation and decor suggestions
. etiquette guidance
. vendor recommendations 
** A discount will be available to you on the ‘Wedding Month Coordination/Wedding Day Management’ package when you book consulting services. 

Isabelle and Marc were married last August and prior to their wedding, I had the opportunity to sit down with Isabelle for a brief consultation over coffee to discuss their wedding plans. We discussed things such as their venue, their style, their officiant, and cake - we touched on a little bit of everything! They did not require my services on the day of their wedding; however, while on an airplane to Costa Rica this Spring, Isabelle and Marc met Meghan and Ian, a couple whom I also had the pleasure to work with. Meghan had told Isabelle that she required a ‘Day Of Coordinator’ (Wedding Month Coordination/Wedding Day Management) and Isabelle gladly passed along my information. A few days following their return from the beautiful sunshine, I was delighted to hear from both Isabelle and Meghan! I believe that their meeting on an airplane was very serendipitous.

I feel very honoured that past clients and others around me truly support my business endeavor and are constantly providing other potential clients with my information. 

I wish Isabelle and Marc a beautiful marriage.  


Photographer: Photo Alberta

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