Congratulations - One Month Anniversary! {Edmonton Day of Coordinator}

Happy one month anniversary to Meghan and Ian!

A few days ago, I mentioned that I met Meghan and Ian through past clients Isabelle and Marc and I am so glad that I did - it was an honour to play a role in their wedding. This couple was an absolute pleasure to work with! I met Meghan and Ian during the final month leading to their special day and it was such a blessing. They are such a loving, relaxed, and down-to-earth couple who I am really fortunate to have met and worked with. 

Meghan and Ian booked me for my Wedding Month Coordination/Wedding Day Management service to ensure that they did not have to worry about anything during the final month leading to their wedding as well as on their special day. This couple believed that they should not have had to worry about doing anything on their wedding day except for enjoy it - nor should their family and friends and I completely agree! Along with Meghan and Ian, I believe that you, your family, and your friends should be able to completely enjoy your wedding day. 

I oversaw Meghan & Ian’s vision of Antique Romance and their day was a beautiful success!

The Wedding Month Coordination/Wedding Day Management service is a huge stress reliever. Sometimes, clients don’t necessarily require assistance with the entire planning process but do feel that they need a wedding planner on the day of their wedding. Under these circumstances, the client will choose to hire a ‘Day of Coordinator.’

As your ‘Day of Coordinator,’ I work with your for approximately one month leading to your wedding day. The purpose of hiring a coordinator at this stage in the planning process is to ensure that the main areas of your wedding have been arranged perfectly. Together, with your personal planning and a few consultations before your wedding, I will ensure that your wedding day is orchestrated flawlessly! This package is designed to allow the couple, their family, and their friends to enjoy the special day without having to be preoccupied with the execution of the event. 

This package includes but is not limited to the following: 
. an initial consultation to assess your wedding plans, evaluate any loose-ends, and discuss any aspects that may have been overlooked previously 
. confirmation of all service providers
. creation of a wedding day itinerary
. coordination of rehearsal, set-up, and wedding day
. arrangements for final payments
** A discount will be available to you on the Wedding Month Coordination/Wedding Day Management package when you book consulting services. 

I hope that you enjoy browsing through some of my self taken photos - I look forward to seeing and sharing what their photographer, Ria Hansen from Montreal took! 

I wish Meghan and Ian all the best in their marriage and life together. 

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