Project Wedding: Megan {Edmonton Wedding Planner}

Megan was such a fun bride to work with and definitely one of the sweetest - I actually had to tell her to try to become a bridezilla at one point! While the rest of the planning was successful, the area that is supposed to be the most joyous and the most fun for a bride was a sour point for Megan. Unfortunately, she was given the biggest headache getting her beautiful wedding dress - the one she had fallen in love with. As we came closer to her wedding day, Megan almost had to buy a new dress but she persisted as did a team to ensure that she had the dress of her dreams. With one week before her wedding day, Megan finally received her wedding dress and she was able to live happily ever after. 

For Megan’s shoot, I was very much inspired by her fun and carefree attitude. She has such a great personality so I wanted to bring to the shoot that playfulness and really capture it. We even brought out some bubbles! I asked Dominique to create a golden makeup look to compliment the beautiful colours of her hair and Jennifer to do a natural hairstyle. 

Thank you very much, Megan, for providing me with the opportunity to work with such a sweet bride throughout your entire planning process. I never thought I’d say it but sometimes, turning into a bridezilla is necessary! 

I asked Megan a few questions about her wedding experience… 


What was your favourite thing about planning your wedding?
Everything! I can’t pin point just one. 

project-wedding-meg-2.jpgLooking back, what is your favourite thing about your wedding day?
Just being with Travis… and the dancing. 

project-wedding-meg-8.jpgWhat is your favourite thing about being married? 
It doesn’t really feel much different except for the fact we can just share our feelings with our families.  


Tell us about your wedding dress shopping experience… how did you know it was the one? 
Well, it was a horrible experience but I got it! It just felt like me when I tried it on. 

Did your husband see your dress before your wedding?


After having a wedding planner, why would you recommend that couples hire one? 
Yes, hire one! Especially more for those who are not organized and if not for the whole thing, at least for the day of. It was really nice having someone else there to turn to for advice, ideas, and having someone know what to ask the venues. We were also very happy with the contacts you gave us.

project-wedding-meg-9.jpgDo you have any tips for current brides? 
Give a fake wedding date when buying your dress and keep calling to be updated on where it is now and then. Other than that, have fun while you plan! You don’t realize how fast everything is over. 


Project Wedding’ team: 
Project Coordinator: Rebecca Fisher-Swarbrooke of High Culture: Weddings & Special Events
Photographer: Jill Coursen of Jill Coursen Photography
Makeup Artist: Dominique Rivera of Rivera Make-up Artistry
Hair Stylist: Jennifer Rivera-Preston of Rivera Make-up Artistry
Second Shooter: Lindsay Collinson of Parker Rae Photography 

As always, there’s much more to come from ‘Project Wedding.’

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