Details: Bridal Shower Décor {Edmonton Wedding & Special Event Decorator}

There’s nothing like working under pressure!

On Sunday, I attended a friend’s bridal shower as a friend, a bridesmaid, and a decorator. After being invited to the shower a few months ago, I had offered my services to decorate the venue or assist where necessary; however, I did not receive confirmation until a few days before the event! In the matter of about four days, I managed to come up with a concept (simple and pink - one of her wedding colours). Coming up with the initial idea wasn’t very difficult but figuring out what materials I had to work with was a little tricky. I knew that I wanted to work with pink linens, have three complimentary cakes (different sizes and different flavours with a pink and white colour scheme), and play around with some materials that I had readily available. I wanted to create a simple, fresh, and clean look which I think I successfully achieved through the use of fresh flowers and trees, crisp white linens along with accents of pink linens, and mirrors and candles.

The newest banquet room at the Chateau Louis Conference Centre, the Leland, also has beautiful natural light which was perfect for an afternoon shower. If you’re having a smaller, intimate function, this new setting is perfect - the service, food, and venue are fabulous! 

As a wedding & special event coordinator, I am so fortunate to have built strong relationships with many fantastic service providers in Edmonton - my mom, a former pastry chef made three beautiful (and delicious!) cakes, as always, Sheldon and Gloria from Infinite Event Services pulled through and let me raid their warehouse (most of their linens and other items had been shipped out for other events so I had to play around with the selection in stock), and Ryan of Ryan + Beth Photographers! came out to take some great detail shots. A huge thank you to you all for making it possible to do my job! 

I love planning every aspect of a wedding or event but to me, décor is one of the best parts… and cake… I love cake! 

Here are some of Ryan’s detail shots: 


Photographer: Ryan + Beth Photographers!

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