High Culture: Weddings & Special Events Incorporated is solely owned and operated by Rebecca Fisher-Swarbrooke. 


Rebecca specializes in weddings, but has experience in coordinating and hosting many other types of events. Rebecca understands that each event involves the successful planning and organization of many intricate and time-consuming details.  The weddings she helps to plan are unique in that each one tells the story of the couple exchanging vows, while also celebrating the gathering of special family and friends in a harmony of traditions, both old and new.


Whether you would like all the planning done for you, or whether you would like to plan your event yourself but need some guidance, High Culture has a package to suit your particular needs.  As your event coordinator, Rebecca can be involved as much or as little as you wish.


Rebecca brings to her work an array of cultural experiences.  She is inspired by numerous international art forms, global architecture, and the aesthetic beauty found in every-day events and activities.  These attributes, her positive outlook, and organizational abilities are at your service when you choose High Culture: Weddings & Special Events for your event.