Dear Rebecca, Ian and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciated all of the hard work you did to help make our wedding a success. We had such an amazing time that day and knowing that you were there to make sure things run smoothly definitely gave us (and our families) peace of mind.”

Meghan & Ian, Bride & Groom 2010

It is wonderful to have people that are willing to recommend others. Needless to say, it has been a roller coaster trying to finish planning this wedding from Calgary… Thank you!”

Carrie, Bride 2010

It is a great pleasure working with Rebecca. She is fun and upbeat, yet she still manages to maintain a professional attitude. Since I’ve started working with her, she has brought many culturally creative ideas to the table and keeps everything running smoothly. She handles everything without missing a step and nothing has kept her from sticking to a timeline. She has made the whole process stress free and fun where it could have been a nightmare. Her input definitely reflects having experience where the typical bride would be lacking. I have no regrets in working with Rebecca thus far and do not expect any later on.”

Michelle, Bride 2010

Rebecca was a wonderful coordinator who was so helpful pointing me in the right direction for vendors. She was extremely knowledgeable and set me up with great deals from vendors she works with regularly. I am so thankful for her help and recommend her to anyone who needs help putting together a special wedding day.”

Carolyn, Bride 2010

I’m just astonishingly impressed with this paper’s enormous creativity. You’ve drawn on your masterful knowledge of weddings and wedding practices and brought that archive of nuanced, grounded knowledge genuinely to bear on a set of practices and representations. I’m hard-pressed to think of a more imaginative take on course material, and this makes me believe that you must be an incredibly creative wedding planner!” 

Dr. Stephen Slemon, University of Alberta Professor 2009
(Paper on East Indian Weddings & Traditions)

Rebecca, Travis and I would like to thank you so very much for all the work you put into our wedding day. It was really nice having someone else there to turn to for advice and ideas and having someone know what questions to ask the vendors. We were also very happy with the contacts you gave us for cakes, alcohol, and florist. Travis and I also really appreciated how fast you were able to get back to us and how organized and professional you were. You always managed to try to keep us as close to budget as possible, although there were some details at first we didn’t think to include in a wedding. We would also like to thank you for all the time you put in on our wedding day. Coming in early to set up and decorate to the end where we were able to just dance the night away. Not to mention including your surprises, being able to include things I wanted but didn’t think I could get. The hall looked beautiful. You really made our wedding the most memorable and best day of our lives, although we look back and it feels like a dream now. We were so happy to have you share with us in our wedding, not just as our Wedding Planner, but now as our friend too.” 

 Megan & Travis, Bride & Groom 2009 

During Miss. Fisher-Swarbrooke’s employment, we were impressed by her swift performance and quality of work. Moreover her knowledge of what needed to be done and connections with merchants that were able to meet our specialized needs were extensive. She was a pleasant, proactive, hard worker with the ability and willingness to cooperate. We would personally recommend Miss. Fisher-Swarbrooke for any Wedding Planner position.”

Elina & Elliott, Bride & Groom 2008